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  • 69 Main St Cherry Valley MA
  • 1611
  • Antique Stores Cherry Valley Ma

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  • 508 892 4113

Decor Aldo Cherry Valley Ma, 69 Main St Cherry Valley MA, Antique Store Cherry Valley Ma. Call us at the phone number: 508 892 4113

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Our offer: Coins and paper money, Fine and costume jewelry, regardless of condition, All silverware/flatware, Tea sets and trays, Candlesticks, Sterling silver, gold and plated items, Watches and pocket watches, Painting and prints, Oriental rugs, Antique and used furniture, Old documents and stamps, Military items, swords and muskets, Glass and oil lamps, Musical instruments, Photographs, Postcards, posters, old books and other paper items, Clock and watches, Old toys and trains, Pottery and glassware, Bronze statues...

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