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Antiques might not be the most conventional way to make money but, provided that you know what to look for, they can provide potentially impressive long-term returns.

Whether you buy from antique dealers, antique fairs, auction houses, or boot sales, always, always, always, buy the things that appeal to you directly.

If something appeals to your sense of style or your idea of beauty, you will develop a passion for it.

Whether you are buying antiques as an investment or for a collection or to sell them on; Always buy what you like and buy what you are interested in.

There is nothing worse than having an antique on your shelf that does not hold your interest.

You will never invest time in it or take the time to discover whether it has any hidden qualities.

If you buy something you don’t like, it will sit and gather dust for generations; and you or your children will eventually sell it for pennies.

Remember, When buying antiques the cheapest isn’t always the best and the best isn’t always the surest way to profit.

Antique auction houses and local antique dealers are usually cheaper than the big city outlets, but not always, and antique fairs held at your local county showground or exhibition hall can be among the most expensive ways to buy.

The best antiques to buy are antiques you like, if you want to keep them, or antiques that are in vogue or fashionable.

Just like clothes and interior decoration, antique fashions move in cycles and the best antiques to buy, to sell quickly, are the one’s that fit today’s fashions.


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